Athens, Greece, March 2020. Lino3D Lab, the No 1 fully equipped Lab for 3D printing applications of a wide variety of materials in Greece, has expanded its network of Sales Partners in projects and services with the signing with Manetco in Belgium.

Manetco’s team of experts design, manufacture and integrate parts to create new laboratory equipment or production prototypes for (bio) chemical industries and research labs. Manetco provides cutting-edge technologies to design and prototype the parts you need for your future processes. These parts can be integrated within an automated equipment with real-time inline analysis. “We co-create with our customers the labs of the future.” as Dr. Tanguy Van Regemorter, CEO and founder, mentions.

Lino3D Lab and Manetco collaboration can be demonstrated in the following application video. It’s a tailor-made micro-mixer designed and simulated by Manetco, printed and tested by Lino3D Lab.

Lino3D Lab is more than excited for this collaboration, as a valuable period for widening its applications, projects and performance has just began.

More photos and videos are to be posted.

Learn more about or contact Manetco at: