Lino 3D is a newly founded 3D printing lab which expertise in all up-to-date kinds of additive manufacturing technology. With our specialized personnel and fully equipped facilities we manage to develop and distribute integrated printing solutions consisting of equipment, applications, consumables and services to customers and professionals in the 3D printing market, focusing on innovative technologies and new materials.

Our solutions incorporate advanced and innovative technologies, with unique characteristics such as high quality, durability, attention to detail and reliability. For these products we also offer relevant consumables (resins, spare parts).
Lino 3D is a part of the LinoGroup S.A.

The LinoGroup consists of Systems Integrator’s & Engineering Specialists who work with world leaders in each field of activity. We are specialized in Software development for the Traveling Communication industries and Printing Technologies in 2D & 3D applications.

We are a value added distributor for some of the world’s top manufacturers offering differentiating services and solutions that provide additional benefits to our customers. As a value-added distributor we make sure that our customers are set up for success. There are simple ways to add value to our customer experience by putting ourselves to their position.

We have worked for many years to deliver innovative solutions along with our products.

LinoGroup covers potential markets/customers in South East Mediterranean region. Moreover, LinoGroup’s Sales & Service network is expanded in Greece, Cyprus, Albania & Malta – Lino s.a., Ahead RM S.A(Innovative travel reservation platform), Turkey – LinoSistem A.S., Romania – Lino Romania, Bulgaria – Lino Bulgaria, Israel – Lino Israel ltd, Serbia, Montenegro & FYROM – Dot Plus DOO.