Lino3D, a member of Linogroup, participated in 2days event Label & Pack, which took place in Athens on 27th and 28th of January 2017.
During these two days visitors were enlightened by the 3d printing applications, highlighting the benefits of 3D printing in the label and packaging competitive market, regarding the saving of time and money in the production of prototypes. Users of 3d printing machines do not have any longer to   waste time and money in order to produce traditionally made prototype packaging. Moreover, they do not need to be anxious to meet strict deadlines, in case they wish   to make changes and adjustments to the design, as 3D printed prototypes can be easily changed in less time, according to market research and testing with “real looking” product and not showing just 2D images.  This procedure allows designers to create better packaging, with great details, that satisfy the needs of their products and those of their target customers. Printers that Lino3D is distributing can provide prototype samples that are hard to distinguish from real packaging.

20170127_172051_web     ALL-PACK-EVENT

All in all, the participation of Lino3d in Label & Pack event established Lino’s presence in the developing 3dprinting industry in Greece and we are expecting more and more customers to see the benefits and attracted by the new technology that Lino3d offers.