Key Enabler: Liquid Dispersion

The key to NPJ starts with our unique liquid dispersion methodology. Liquid suspensions containing solid nanoparticles of selected build and support materials are jetted onto the build tray to additively manufacture detailed parts. These liquid suspensions serve as the base materials for our AM process, unlike most existing metal and ceramic AM technologies that utilize hazardous and hard-to-handle powders. Our liquid suspensions are delivered and installed in hassle-free sealed cartridges.

Key Benefits

Leveraging NPJ’s key features of stochastic nanoparticles, ultrathin layers and simultaneous jetting, XJet delivers on the AM promise by creating “complexity free” high-quality parts with virtually unlimited geometries in an operationally efficient manner.


NPJ’s stochastic nanoparticles enable unsurpassed part quality:

  • 99.9% density
  • Isotropic uniformity
  • Extremely low shrinkage


NPJ’s ultrathin layers (composed of nanoparticles) empower virtually unlimited design flexibility:

  • Complex geometries
  • Fine details
  • Nearest net shapes
  • Smooth surfaces


NPJ’s simultaneous jetting of build and support materials in liquid suspensions delivers unrivaled operational efficiency:

  • Automated support planning
  • Easy support removal
  • Simple and safe operation


NanoParticle Jetting™ technology enables the additive manufacturing of ceramic and metal parts using multiple materials. Leveraging our robust inkjet technology enabled by our unique liquid dispersion methodology, XJet is working to introduce a growing number of metal and ceramic build materials to anticipate evolving industry needs.