Massivit: Unleash your super-size imagination with Massivit 1800

Massivit 1800 employs ground-breaking Gel Dispensing Printing technology to deliver incredible productivity, awesome results and massive profitability. It’s one big act to follow.

Unleash your super-size imagination

Transform virtually any idea into an eye-catching reality with Massivit 1800. Beyond just printing objects you can personalize or localize objects, scan to print, make illuminated displays and much more. Create an almost limitless variety of super-size, 3D displays for advertising, promotions, high-level marketing and entertainment. Make the following and more:


  • Unique product launches
  • Decoration
  • “Selfie points” that call for interaction
  • Special exhibition displays
  • Amazing point of purchase displays that matter and entertain
  • Stand-out centerpieces for events
  • Scenic & theming elements for every possible venue
  • Props, backgrounds and sets for theater, TV, movies

The Massivit 3D max. printing size

  • 5’9” 180 cm HEIGHT
  • 4’9” 150 cm WIDTH
  • 3’9” 120 cm DEPTH

Super-speed productivity

Turnaround super-size projects in hours, not days with built up rates of up to 35cm/hr | 14 inch/hr and optional dual-object printing.

Super-easy operation

Massivit 1800 is remarkably simple to operate, so you can be operational and productive in no time. Touchscreen printer control and vacuum print table with printing liner are just some of the ways we make printing and handling of objects easy.