It is with unbearable grief and unspeakable pain that the LINOGROUP family bids farewell to our creator, friend and colleague
Maroussa Konstantinidou.

Our Maroussa, who will no longer be with us, has always been an uncompromising and genuine supporter and support for all of us, both in joys and sorrows.
She was distinguished, apart from her kindness, her positive thinking and her humor, for her effectiveness in whatever she was involved in, giving us many times in her own inimitable and direct way solutions that the rest of us find difficult to find.
She fought bravely with cancer, bravely and with incredible dignity facing the unfair blow of fate as a fighter.

It is hard to fill the void that our Maroussa leaves in all of us.

For us she is a part of our lives.

Goodbye to our Maroussa.
We bid you a crushing farewell.
We will always remember you.

Your colleagues at LINOGROUP