24/7 production of small, ultra-high resolution end-use parts.


• Overview


The P4K is the opposite of other, one-size-fits-all 3D printing solutions. With a range of models available, users can choose their optical configuration based on part size, feature-size requirements and throughput, and tailor a solution that best suits their needs. With resolutions of between 23µm-90µm on the X and Y axes, the P4K can easily produce detailed parts in a range of sizes.

Designed for a 24/7 production environment, the P4K can run lights-out, with little to no user intervention required. Easily print parts at volume with the quality, surface finish and tolerances needed for end-use applications


Key Features

Tailored to your application

Available in four models, each of which features a different resolution, ensuring users get the print quality that best suits their application. Native pixel sizes XY: 35, 62, 75, 90 um


Designed for 24/7 production

Ushering additive manufacturing into the era of mass production (AM 2.0), the P4K is designed for lights-out production, fabricating end-use parts around the clock.


Easy to use

Greatly simplifying the process of producing customer-ready, high-resolution parts, the P4K includes intuitive software and material changes are easy, taking just minutes.


Example Parts


Kingdom Death Figurine

Collector items designed for hobbyists of a game board company

Ring Tree

Ring Tree designed and printed in Easy Cast 2.0 to cast multiple rings at once

Wind tunnel Test piece

Wind tunnel test piece of an automotive part

Cam Follower

A cam follower mechanism designed for a plastic packaging machine in the food industry

Featured Materials

190+ Materials available

RC Series

Hard Plastic


Hard Plastic

HTM 140

High Temperature




Multiple high-resolution options

With resolutions of between 23µm-90µm on the X and Y axes, the P4K can easily produce detailed parts in sizes ranging from just 2mm – smaller than two grains of sand – to 230mm – about the size of 3 credit cards stacked end to end.


The P4K comes in four distinct models, each utilizing a 4K projector. Distributing these pixels across four differently-sized build plates allows for four different native pixel sizes (XY resolution); 35,62,75, and 90 um.

In addition to its native high resolution options, the P4K takes advantage of many additional features to further improve accuracy. The use of industrial DLP chips, as opposed to cheaper consumer-grade chips, and a custom-designed optical train deliver high contrast and minimal distortion in the projected picture, resulting in accuracy down to the micron level.


Made Possible By:
  • Four different model resolutions
  • Industrial DLP chips
  • Custom-designed optics

Designed for 24/7 production

Designed for a 24/7 production environment, the P4K offers the ability to run lights-out, with little to no user intervention required. Easily print parts at volume with the quality, surface finish and tolerances needed for end-use applications.


The P4K allows you to take control of your manufacturing workflow with automated job queuing, managed by an onboard processor and hard drive, and automated job completion alerts to help minimize printer downtime. To further limit downtime, the build plate can be quickly swapped, allowing a new job to be started minutes after a print is completed. 

Powered by ETEC’s software, the P4K is perfect for remotely-managed enterprise use. Send jobs to multiple machines around the globe through a dashboard and easily monitor printing progress, job status, layer count and more. With excellent reliability the P4K is designed to run lights-out.


Made Possible By:
  • Automated job queueing
  • Easy job turn over
  • Remote-managed enterprise software
  • Excellent reliability

Easy to use

Designed for ease-of-use, the P4K features intuitive software and easy material changes, allowing users to focus more on creating optimized parts and less time on managing their hardware.


User-friendly Envision One RP software automates all parts of the printing process, including support generation and part orientation, while a fully-integrated file repair tool patches mesh holes and readies parts for print. Easy, over-the-air updates for both software and firmware ensure users have access to the most up-to-date tools and print processes.

Easy material changes in less than two minutes allow users to produce a wide variety of parts with properties tailored to different applications, and excess material can be stored for months, helping users achieve further cost efficiencies. 

With few moving parts and easy access to the printer’s optics and electronics, the P4K is designed for serviceability, helping to ensure maximum efficiency for users by reducing or eliminating downtime.


Made Possible By:
  • Intuitive software
  • Under two-minute material changeover
  • Designed for serviceability


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24/7 production of small, ultra-high resolution end-use parts



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25µm with patented pixel tuning

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