The Shop System enables design freedom to optimize parts and simplify the design change process.


Metal 3D printing on the Desktop Metal Shop System™ eliminates the need for tooling. Complex parts with features like internal channels, lattices, and assembly consolidations that would be difficult – if not outright impossible – to create via traditional approaches are now possible. 


Binder jetting creates complex features with ease, and can reduce production processes or make parts more affordable to produce. While lighweighting features typically increase the cost of traditionally-manufactured parts, they actually reduce the cost of 3D printing parts because they use less material. 

Besides the freedom to optimize parts to precise needs, the Shop System dramatically simplifies design changes or part iterations. Rather than investing time and money for new tooling, refining a design is as simple as updating the CAD file and sending the new part to the printer. 


 The Shop System is already allowing companies around the world to develop complex new parts for a wide range of applications – what can you create?