Carisma Large Format & Massivit 3D demonstrate the power of 3D Print enhanced advertising



Creating one of a kind outstanding bus shelter wraps. Just outside the Las Vegas  Convention  center, during the SGIA 2016 exhibition – you will see first hand the power of 3D print used in advertising.

While Las Vegas does not have a beach, three Octopuses have

come to visit and brought a treasure. Two bus shelters have been wrapped with vinyl graphics embellished with 3D printed elements. The graphics show an  octopus grabbing a  treasure box.


3D A Treasure Within Your Reach

Research shows that 3D printed advertising has five  times more the stopping power, over standard flat graphic displays. 88% of people prefer the look of 3D enhanced ads over regular signs.


3D displays simply grab attention, they allow advertisers to engage,  to  entertain,   to   create   interaction   and   much more. They reach out further and get the most precious treasure advertisers are looking for – notice and attention!


It does not take long to reach further out

The whole project, from conception of the idea to completing installation, took less than ten days.


The Carisma and Massivit 3D teams brainstormed and agreed on the concept and the  next  day  created  the  3D  models  of the different elements. Within three short days, the  Carisma team was able to print all the 3D components necessary to execute the design. With the use of vinyl, the 3D prints were transformed into realistic octopus tentacles. Once all elements were ready, they were rush shipped to Las Vegas. The Carisma team flew west to Vegas to install as envisioned. Two days of installation and the project was declared complete,  right  on time for all participants of SGIA exhibition and the rest of Las Vegas to view it.


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